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Asgard-Leuchtenstadt (Gatefold 2- black vinyls)

Asgard-Leuchtenstadt (Gatefold 2- black vinyls)

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Asgard-Leuchtenstadt (Gatefold 2 - black vinyls) with inlay card

Black Metal, Hellvetic Black Metal

140 gr. vinyls

Tracklist Asgard – Leuchtenstadt LP

  1. City of Lights
  2. Travel Inn I Lyset
  3. Skyggen Fra Fortiden
  4. Blizzard Of War
  5. Demon
  6. Face Of Satan
  7. The Beauty In The Rotten Shell
  8. Leviathan

"The album - «Leuchtenstadt» To start with, our ears are immediately presented with the juicy title track. Ridiculous riffs and thunderous drums dominate the scene. There is undoubtedly no compromise here. After a while, the devilish croaking attacks join in by fronter Thulus. Tempo variations are also not a problem for the guys. When it comes to style, the so-called “second wave” of black metal, which emerged in the early 90s and was mainly led by Norwegian troops, seems to be a source of inspiration for their musical work from Asgard. Wonderful food for all souls eaten by darkness. The use of the German language is always a real hit in this genre anyway. In the last third you also find time to take a short detour into post-realms. A tailor-made start !"

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